Hi, I am Bishnu Prasad Aryal

Software Developer

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What I do


Recently, working with hardware such as Raspberry-pi and Arduino. Built a gesture control car with Arduino. Also, working with raspberry-pi on making a pi-hole (private ad blocker) and home assistant (a smart home hub). In the near future will be learningn Machine learning using raspberry pi.

Mobile App Development

Building a professional and user-interactive mobile application. Built couple of apps on IOS using Swift and Swift-UI. One of the app is called "Expense Sheet" which helps keep track of one's daily expenses. Interested on working with React Native in the future.

Web Development

Can build responsive web applications that work on desktop and mobile devices. Developed many applications using React.js with and without using Next.js. Prefer using tailwind or Material-UI over vanilla CSS for big projects.

My Work


Software Developer

Graduated from Temple University in 2022. Currently working as a intern in software developer at ITD-GBS. A self-taught developer and a self-motivated person. Always exploring and learning about new technologies and gadgets. Actively looking for a full-time position as a software developer.

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